April 2 Message

Dear 391 family,

As a membership and individuals, we continue to work through unprecedented challenges – I thank and admire you all for your resiliency and support of each other. Every part of our lives have been touched by this global event and it can be difficult to maintain a perspective on the pieces we are able to influence and the ones we are not. Please utilize the access we have to EFAP if you are feeling a need for additional support.

We are continuing to update our COVID-19 Resources for Members with information and links to other support.
Please check it regularly for new or additional material.

As communicated earlier in the week, there are many pieces of the LOU Framework Agreement that we are working through with the Employer. It is a complex document with six parties signed on – it is not possible to contemplate every interpretation ahead of time and so we are very actively working through issues as they arise. Please continue to check your email for updates.

We are planning for a Friday afternoon Zoom session for members – time tbd asap. Watch for an invite in your email.

Thinking of you all, and thanking the many members who have come forward with offers of help to committees and the executive. If we have not followed up with you yet we will be soon.

Yours in solidarity,