Tuesday May 5 Message to Members – LTD Information

Dear 391 family,

I hope you are all well and finding ways to enjoy the beautiful days we continue to have. There is not much new to report on since Thursday and the email below.
We do, though, have some updated and more detailed information to share with you regarding LTD and some clarification for questions that have come through.

First, we now have a fillable PDF from WE Benefits.
Under payment details: ours is a ‘fixed’ amount (vs variable) and the start date is the first day of your layoff – after your banks are drawn down if you have chosen to do that.
Deductions from your pay are scheduled bi-weekly and you will see the amount on your pay stub under “Library CUPE391 LTD” in the Deductions Other section.

Forms can be emailed to teri@weconsultants.ca directly for processing. If the fillable PDF does not work for you and you don’t have the ability to scan, a picture of your completed form can be attached to your email.
If you are feeling old school you can also fax the form to 604.941.4053.
If none of these options work, you can put the information directly into an email and send it to Teri that way as well…but you need to indicate in the message that the email is providing authorization for WE to have the funds withdrawn from your financial institutions.

The current contract with the insurance carrier only allows for a maximum 3 month layoff duration. However, information from the carriers change almost daily due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Once the layoff period has commenced, WE Benefits will monitor the list of EE’s who have been laid off and at the 2 month mark will be back in touch with the insurance carrier and request the time frame be extended. At this time there is no guarantee it would extend beyond that. It will be important to note that if the carrier agrees to extend 3 the month lay-off coverage, the extension will ONLY APPLY to members who remain in a lay-off position due to COVID-19.

WE Benefits will update us as they receive more information.
They are very helpful and happy to take your calls – 1-855-894-8111

See you Thursday at 515pm on Zoom.
In solidarity,