Take a Minute to Save the PNE

The COVID-19 Pandemic has touched every workplace in British Columbia and had a huge impact on the community services and venues that shape our lives. One of these services is the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE), which has effectively been shut down for the past 16 months.

The PNE means so much to the region and the province, and needs our help now.

Not only has this century-old tradition brought countless memories and enjoyment for generations, the PNE pumps $200 million into B.C.’s economy, supports countless local businesses, and creates thousands of jobs and youth employment.

The PNE is also a major local employer, and is B.C.’s largest employer of young workers. However, with more than 95% of the PNE’s events and services cancelled and no revenue coming in, the over 4,000 CUPE 1004 PNE workers have been out of work since March 2020.

Even though some limited events are beginning to return, a year and half of lost revenues has left the PNE close to financial ruin. Without immediate, short-term assistance of $8 million, it may not recover.

We need action now – or we will lose the PNE we all know and love. 

Please take a minute to save this beloved B.C. tradition. Your message will help ensure that the PNE receives the financial assistance it needs to retain staff; maintain facilities and equipment; and upkeep basic operations until public health measures allow a full reopening.

Your support will ensure the PNE is there for us and future generations, to enjoy and experience the diversity of B.C. and all that the PNE has to offer. Your voice will also help ensure that fellow CUPE members at the PNE have a job to go back to when full operations can again return.

Thank you for your support on this important campaign.

In solidarity,

Karen Ranalletta

PS: If you have already taken this action, thanks you! Please consider sharing this email with your contacts to help build support for this vital cultural institution.

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