Keeping Spirits Bright in the Picket Line: the Wellness Committee Ponders …

The Good Things:

  • in comradery and conversation
  • in sharing stories and sharing food
  • in experiencing a sense of community that is rarely found ing the normal course of events in the workplace (too much else gets in the way)

There have been wonderful acts of kindness and seemingly spontaneous acts of generosity.  Angels in adversity.  We will want to carry over all of these things into our worklives when we return to work.

We have created activities to benefit ourselves and others.  Among them:

  • knitting hats for the Downtown Eastside residents
  • making breakfasts for all who want them
  • musical entertainment
  • tai chi
  • yoga
  • massage
  • author readings

All of these things have contributed to keep our thoughts focused and positive.

People have not only listened to and benefited from the experience of others; we have acquired our own experiences.  We have learned what can come from being together in support of positions, beliefs and values that we hold dear.  Together we have managed to remain calm and supportive despite the enormous hardships being faced (financial and otherwise).

From this we can begin to think of more and other ways to do things for ourselves; to ask ourselves – how can we (as union members) help to create the kind of workplace and worklife that we desire and require.

From this we may also ask ourselves; are these new realities that have emerged from these experiences?  Has there been any of the proverbial paradigm shifting?

And of course, mention MUST be made of the CUPE 391 Canine division.  To the pooches on patrol: Pepe, Kayla, Ben, Pazito, Clarence Cooper, Maximus, and any others not noted.  Their presence has brought good cheer.  Woof, woof to you all.  (I feel better having read and typed this).

Yours in solidarity!

CUPE 391 Wellness Committee