Picket Passes for the Information Board Meeting

CUPE 391 handed out picket passes for the Library Board meeting Tuesday, August 28, 2007.  This was an information only board meeting; all discussions were held incamera.

We are, of course, curious about the nature of these discussions.  Would the board be discussing:

  • the lack of progress of negotiations?
  • the unaccountable lethargy that has afflicted the Employer’s negotiating team (we have been waiting for a response to our counter-proposals for sixteen days)?
  • schools will be back in business; Vancouver Public libraries are still closed?
  • What fall events will be canceled due to the strike?
  • if internal equity and a job evaluation plan is acceptable to the City of Burnaby and the Burnaby Public Library, why is this local issue for the Vancouver Public Library workers not receiving a hearing with the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Public Library board?
  • how much has the City of Vancouver saved on the Vancouver Public Library workers strike?

Board members who picked up picket passes:

  • John Buckberrough
  • Ann Cowan
  • Shannon Daub
  • Crissy George
  • Clarence Hansen
  • Heather Holden
  • Erfan Kazemi
  • Larry Kuehn
  • Tommy Tao

Joan Andersen participated in the meeting via teleconference.

The intention of the Union in giving out picket passes is to show our good will in any efforts made by the Library Board in achieving a resolve to this unconscionably long strike.  We understand that no motions are passed at an information meeting, but will do all in our power to assist in a resolve for our local issues.  Resolving this issues can only improve public service.