Highlights from today’s meeting, petitions, walking pickets, a new video, and a great deal on coff

It takes a lot more than a little rain to dampen our spirits. Today I heard great stories from yesterday’s epic bike brigade outing (more details to come, I hope), got to attend a great Job Action Committee Meeting, and was just generally grateful to be picketing (yikes–I almost said “working”) with such great people.

Some of the highlights from this morning’s Job Action Committee Meeting:
We are looking at getting a tent with some heating for Central. This will be especially helpful for cool evenings and committee work on the line.

The acknowledgement committee is sending out thank-you cards to the kind people and organisations who are supporting us. If you know of anyone we should thank, please send the names (and contact info!) and other details to the union office or drop the information into the suggestion box.

A reminder: Please send in your weekly job action record just as soon as you have picketed for 20 hours. If there are any special reasons (illness, etc) for not being able to do 20 hours, be sure to write them down so that allowances can be made. This makes it much easier for the financial officers!

It also continues to be very important to have coverage at Britannia from 8-4. In particular, if you are able to commit to a regular weekly morning shift starting at 7:45, please call the Britannia picket captain.

It was also really good to hear this morning that our petitions are continuing to have an impact. We are still sending along copies to both city hall and to library management, and they help to demonstrate our ongoing support from the community. The more signatures, the better!

Extra quick reports from the various branches:
-This Tuesday’s chili dinner was such a big success that we’re turning it into a regular thing! Come by Central next Tuesday (and future Tuesdays) at 6:30 to join in.
-South Hill pickets are Wednesday only, from 9-1.
-Renfrew pickets are continuing from Monday to Thursday, 9-1. The Renfrew folks are staying visible by picketing up by the street, and putting on the occasional “Ruckus on Renfrew.” They are proud to announce that on Wednesday they achieved 50 honks in 15 minutes from supportive drivers passing by!
-All is going well at Champlain, and pickets are up Monday to Thursday from 8-5.
-For all the rest of the picket times, see the listing on the Resources page.

Walking pickets:
Following the model (philosophically and stylingly) of the bicycle pickets, we are launching our first-ever walking picket tomorrow. Meet at the BBQ around 11, wear your Decimators or other union-y shirt, and get ready to decorate yourself or stuff to carry, something like the festive get-up of our cycling brothers and sisters. The group will walk down Robson to the West End Community Centre, then up Denman to Davie and back to Central.

A new video:
You’ll also notice a new video by David P, Days 45 to 55 posted in the usual spot. Have a look! (May I say “cheeky”?)

An offer from our brothers and sisters and Cafe Etico:
“Coffee as strong as your union. Strike special: In solidarity with sisters and brothers in CUPE locals 1004, 15 and 391, we’re offering our unionized coffee at a special discounted price $8 per bag for striking CUPE members.” Drop by their office at 101-2747 East Hastings (between Slocan and Kaslo) to take advantage of this deal.

One last note: I’ll be taking a little holiday and will be away from the blog next week. After tomorrow, for the next few days please send your updates to the union office or a Job Action Coordinator.

thanks, cheers, and solidarity