Bike Brigade For Wednesday, October 17

From Beth Davies:

In keeping with the easy-does-it picketing policy this week, we won’t be visiting any branches that share entrances with other facilities (that’s JF, KER, CAR, STR, RP & OAK).

Kits are having their lunch on Wednesday – spaghetti & sauce (with meatballs for the carnivores). Wednesday’s route now looks like this:

Meet at Britannia at 9am, leave soon afterwards for:

  • HAS
  • REN
  • KEN
  • MPL
  • FHL
  • KIT (lunch at 12pm)

Then up that hill we’ve avoided all strike long to:

  • WPG
  • DUN
  • MAR
  • SHL
  • FRV
  • CHA
  • COL

Then we fight about whether to head downtown to CEN or to go somewhere more convenient (you know I’m always angling for Toby’s!!)