General Meeting Monday January 12, 6 p.m.

CUPE 391 General Meeting Monday January 12, 6 p.m.
Alma Van Dusen and Peter Kaye Rooms
Central Library

  * Special Guest to discuss important issues that impact us and, the upcoming provincial election.
* LAI transfers and Shelvers job description
* There is a money motion on the agenda that require your input. We strongly recommend that members attend this meeting so that we can have your input and advice.

CUPE BC Bargaining Conference – (reminder of this event) CUPE BC Convention (resolutions to be brought forward), expressions of interest to attend – it is in Victoria April 22-24, 2009

Staff recognition – Giant Thank you to all involved with this committee.
Any committee mid-term reports

Compassion Committee (motion to create new committee and procedures)

Grandforks and District Public Library / Fernie Public Library (bargaining update and request for assistance)

Snow Days (how was it for you to get to work during the blizzard of 08/09) – bring some stories and recommendations

Pizza!!! Prizes!!!! VDLC Robbie Burns tickets Friday January 23rd!!! Gung Haggis Fat Choy tickets January 25th!!!
Draw for FREE 160 square feet of Taiga Country Wood Laminate

General Meetings start at 6pm, and usually last 90 minutes. (AGM starts at 5:30)
*All General Meetings are held at wheelchair accessible locations.
*Receipted childcare will be reimbursed to allow members to attend General Meetings.
*Light refreshments will be provided at each General Meeting.