Special Guest Revealed @ January 12th General Meeting and One Motion Deferred

CUPE Local 391 has the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Michael Byers to the Monday January 12th General Meeting, 6 pm, in the Peter Kaye/Alma Van Dusen Room at Central Library. He will be giving us a short talk on the interaction of climate change and politics. This is a great opportunity for library workers to to hear and understand the profound effect of climate change on our planet, and consider what how we can best meet that challenge. See Michael’s UBC profile

Dr. Byers recently embarked on a one week fast to bring attention to homelessness in British Columbia. His active commitment to the social justice aspects of his academic achievements shows a man that walks the talk. Michael will also be speaking at a Public Forum on Homelessness, hosted by Libby Davies, January 14, from 9 am to 12 pm at Vancouver Japanese Language School Auditorium
487 Alexander St. Vancouver, BC – see Homelessness Forum

Also see Dr. Byers address the misnomer SSP-Security and Prosperity Partnership

Dr. Byers holds a Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Global Politics and International Law at UBC, Prior to 2004, he was a Professor of Law and Director of Canadian Studies at Duke University; from 1996-1999, he was a Research Fellow at Jesus College, Oxford University. Dr. Byers’ work focuses on the interaction of international law and politics, particularly with respect to human rights, international organizations, the use of military force, the Arctic, and Canada-United States relations.

Compassion Committee
The Compassion Committee will be deferring their motion until the March General meeting. Members of the committee will discuss their progress so far at Monday, January 12 meeting.