Transfers and Loss of Part-Time Hours

The list of those who are affected by the latest round of cuts has been modified five times by Human Resources, so far.  Please do not give away hours you find affect your work-life balance because nothing is confirmed as yet.  There will also be another round of transfers with the the bench-marking of Library Assistant II’s in March.  This will entail looking at placement of hours yet again.  Human Resources is keeping files on your concerns about transfers and will try to resolve some of these issues now and later.  The Union has ensured that Seniority is the chief factor in determining what order the transfers of hours or loss of hours takes place.  If you remember the benchmarking of LAI’s last year, Seniority was the ruling factor because of clause 8.6.1 Promotions, transfers, and demotions shall be made on the basis of knowledge, skill, ability and seniority with seniority prevailing where knowledge, skill and ability are relatively equal.

Please call the Union if you have any concerns about ow the process is taking Place.  The Union has interviewed some of the affected staff and made recommendations to HR which are often being implemented.

  • Don’t give up hours which negatively impact your lifestyle.  Tell HR so that they may file the information for future reference
  • Don’t be silent about the transfer if you have concerns. Call HR and the Union – there may be a solution.
  • Do – get in your requests for Part-time hours at locations that you want.  Then when HR has to make some changes, they know your preferences.
  • Do- Be aware of your seniority.  See above
  • Do – Job Shadows – find out what your preferences are, so that you can put those laterals in with some insight.
  • Do- Assess your certification, experience and qualifications.  You may be qualified for other work in the organisation.
  • Do – Apply for full-time when jobs begin to be posted again.  HR has had, on occasion, to post outside for lack of candidates.  – not in recent history of course.
  • Do – Request to be put on a list for part-time hours. People may refuse hours and the hours will be offered again

The Union is checking that all the frozen Part-time hours are being actively used to mitigate the loss of income to members.  Please call members of the Grievance committee or the office if you need representation. We are very willing to help you through this process.
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