Notes from the February 24th Board Meeting

You should attend more Library Board meetings.  The most exciting and philosophically divided debate erupted over a document entitled “Centralized Selection Update”.  Trustees were baffled by the intent of this document and sought extensive clarification.  They did not like what they saw or read.  The Board Trustees have asked for:

  • an assessment
  • the literature
  • an evaluative process
  • what we are measuring
  • indicators for success
  • evidence of best practices
  • workshop on collection development
  • ongoing reports

The Union has notes from meetings which we will share tomorrow with the CUPE 391 librarians listserve.  We would to request your assistance – to work on a report for the Board regarding selections and ordering process.  It would include the very items the Board Trustees requested at the Board meeting and would also include:

  • a needs assessment
  • and a community map of our diverse communities and their reading habits
  • and not forgetting,

  • our provincial obligations
  • (And whatever else you think should be included)  I am sending my notes out via the CUPE 391 e-mail.  Please check your 391 e-mail account for an attachment of notes from the February 24th, Library Board Meeting.