Public Consultation at City Hall: 6 p.m. Wednesday February 29, 2012

Are you ready to speak to City Council to defend our public services?  Join me this Wednesday, February 29th, at 6 pm at City Hall, 2nd floor for a Special meeting on the 2012 operating budget.  Have your say on the value of public library service.

Please attend this meeting and protect your jobs through attending and/or speaking at the City Council meeting.  Through participation and speaking up, you will make a difference.  There is something about looking at the faces and hearing the stories of those whose jobs are on the chopping block that causes city councillors to pause and reflect.

A loss of hours = a loss of direct public service

If the City Councillors don’t hear from you, they only get part of the story.  Let patrons, friends and other user groups know that they need to be at this meeting to help guide how their tax dollars are spent.

Special Council Meetings are held to deal with emerging issues on an unscheduled basis. They may be held in the Council Chamber or at a community location. Generally, delegations may choose to pre-register or register at the door. There is a five-minute time limit.

For more info please see Alex’s blog entry.