At the Table

We are pleased to say that we have finally met with the employer, Thursday and Friday of this week.  We are also pleased with how personable Kim Thorne, the lawyer representing the employer, is.  We particularly appreciated his comment that even he wouldn’t want to sit across the table from a lawyer!  A good sense of humour is a good start, we hope.

We were pleased that the employer agreed to the Bargaining Protocol we proposed.  We also had an opportunity to exchange proposals.  Of course, we can’t divulge details, but let’s just say, there is much work to be done.  We are relentlessly hopeful of a positive outcome for both parties, and have already scheduled dates for September.

One bit of information we can divulge is that Gary owns, and wore, a suit, and that Brian can live life without wearing his trademark tie.

Please check your CUPE 391 e-mail from time to time for additional updates.


The CUPE391 Bargaining Committee