Vancouver Municipal Election Results

This election had an estimated voter turnout of 44% which was higher than expected (the previous municipal election had a 34% turnout).

The election for Mayor was close but Gregor Robertson from Vision won (46.71%) against his closest challenger Kirk LaPointe (41.08%) from the NPA.

City Council is virtually the same this time around with the exception of one less Vision Councillor Tony Tang and his replacement from the NPA Melissa De Genova.
So there are 6 Vision Councillors, 3 NPA Councillors and 1 Green Councillor.

The real changes took place in Parks Board and School Board.

For Parks Catherine Evans from Vision and former Vancouver Library Board Chair was elected. Four NPA candidates and 2 Greens candidates were also elected.
So there is now an NPA majority for Parks Board Commissioners. Previously there was a Vision majority ( 5 of 7 Parks Commissioners were Vision).

For School Board Trustees, there are 4 Vision trustees, 4 NPA trustees, and 1 Green trustee.

COPE was shut out of any seats anywhere.
Adriane Carr from the Greens proved to be the most popular Councillor getting the most overall votes compared to all other Councillors
The Greens now have representation in Council, Parks and Schools for the first time ever.