Freedom of Access to Union Representation and Information

Hello Members,

The Union has always had a culture of approaching problems from the bottom up especially if answers can be obtained at the bottom. Only if necessary would common sense dictate bringing a request/problem/etc. to a progressively higher level. The assumption being that Managers/Directors have more important things to deal with than straightforward matters more easily addressed by Supervisors, Assistant Managers and Branch Heads who are fully familiar with their work sites.

When it comes to simple requests for the status of unfilled or vacant hours at any unit, logically speaking Supervisors, Assistant Managers and Branch Heads are the ones to approach.

However, the Employer has recently informed the Union that requests of this nature are to be directed to management staff. In the interests of protecting members from any inadvertent contravention of the Employer’s wishes, the Union will comply with the Employer’s request.

The Union anticipates that the Employer will recognize, in our response to their request, the spirit of cooperation necessary in maintaining respectful and constructive labour management relations.Mutual respect and cooperation can only result in an improved working environment for everyone.

We remain committed to fulfilling our responsibility to provide comment and advice on issues affecting our work and the library. We also believe that candid and open discussion is an important factor in strengthening our Union and the Vancouver Public Library. We are pleased to report that this matter is a topic of discussion at upcoming meetings with management.

In sol