CUPE 391 Bargaining Committee Membership

CUPE 391 would like to extend an invitation to any members who feel they can contribute their skills, experience, and/or passion as a team player on the Bargaining Committee.

Our current contract expires Dec. 31st, 2015.

There might be some changes to our Executive by the time Bargaining starts, nonetheless, it’s never too early to prepare for something like this.

The VPL Bargaining Committee shall be a standing committee of 6 members, 4 to be appointed by the Executive, plus the President and one VP appointed by the Executive. The function of the committee is to prepare collective bargaining proposals and to negotiate the collective agreement between the VPL Board and the VPL Bargaining Unit. The term of office of the appointed members shall end when a new collective agreement has been signed.

These are early days still, but if you feel up to this task let the Executive know at:

…and include reasons why you want to join as well as any experience you might have i.e. Union committee work, working groups experience, consistent attendance at General Meetings, educational training and specifically what Union courses have been taken, your present job status auxiliary, p/t, f/t, and what classification you are i.e. library assistant II, Librarian I, etc.

In solidarity