2019-03-04 Update

Dear Members,

March already! Since the last update I’ve noticed that the days are getting longer, and I am certainly welcoming the extra light at the end of a day. The last two weeks of February have been busy with the usual monthly local meetings – Executive, OHS, Union/Management, VPL Board – as well as representing several individual members in various capacities.

I have also attended a couple of important affiliate labour organization General Meetings:

The Vancouver District Labour Council (VDLC) meets the third Tuesday of every month and represents 60,000 workers from over 100 affiliated unions in our community. As this was my first time attending, I was sworn in as a delegate along with a handful of other new members before we got to the business of the evening which was the election for the executive board. Julian and Tanya were in attendance with me, and along with the business of elections we heard a presentation calling for a public inquiry into organized crime, fentanyl, and money laundering in British Columbia. This resulted in a resolution to that effect – read more here: VDLC Joins Call for Public Inquiry

CUPE Metropolitan Vancouver District Council (Metro) meets eight times a year. This forum of delegates from CUPE locals come together to discuss issues and events happening in the labour movement in the Vancouver metro area, BC and nationally. I attended this meeting with Aliza and Tanya; on the February agenda were officer endorsements and resolutions to take to CUPE BC Convention in May. It was the evening of one of our big snowfalls, so the business was brief, and discussion kept to task. I am looking forward to getting to know more of the affiliated locals through these meetings.

Branch visits have been a highlight these past couple of weeks, and I am looking forward to scheduling department visits at Central as well. So far I have had the pleasure of meeting members at Hastings, Kitsilano, and Champlain staff meetings – each visit has generated great questions and conversations with folks and I expect that to continue as I make my way to each of your worksites. I also had the honor of attending a retirement tea for a long-time librarian at Oakridge Branch. Trish, enjoy your travels and projects!

Our wonderful communicator Tanya Ferry has put together a March Member’s Minute – it has been distributed to the union contacts to be shared during the union update portion of your staff meetings. The goal is to have the Member’s Minute come out monthly; let your union contact know if there is a topic that you feel should be included. If you are not sure who the contact in your department/branch is, please email info@cupe391.ca so we can check we have one in place!

Yours in solidarity,

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